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Calling all teachers: it's time to hear about our new teacher tools

Join us for an evening of teacher networking, and a look at Siyavula's new teacher tools - save the date today!

By Deborah Torrington
on August 30 2019
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Save the date
Save the date

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We've spent most of 2019 focusing on building new tools for teachers that make it easier to integrate Siyavula into your teaching, while giving you more detailed reports on your learners' progress. What we've built has been guided by the needs and requests of our teachers - and now it's time to show you what we've developed.

What do our new tools include?

  • A new school dashboard and school summary reports - so you can see progress at a glance, at a school and class level
  • Detailed school activity reports - which will help you plan your classroom and teaching strategy
  • A free new question bank for Mathematics (8-12) and Physical Sciences (10-12) - these can be used both in the classroom, and to create your own worksheets
  • An improved assignment-setting feature, with detailed reports that track learner activity and mastery levels
  • A new administration function, allowing you to manage your own classes

When and where: save the date!

We'll be holding networking functions and presentations as follows:

Cape Town: Tuesday 17 September at 18:00 (venue to be confirmed)

Pretoria: Wednesday 18 September at 18:00 (venue to be confirmed)

Johannesburg: Thursday 19 September at 18:00 (venue to be confirmed)

You can RSVP immediately, by following the links above, but we'll send out formal invitations with venue details closer to the time. In the meantime, save the date, and join us for some snacks and a discussion on what we've done, and what's coming up for 2020!

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