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Making learning & teaching easy with Siyavula Practice

Mathematics Classes JSS 1 – SSS 3

Siyavula for learners

With our unlimited questions, full solutions and instant feedback, you can master Mathematics. Find out more.

Siyavula for teachers

With Siyavula’s easy-to-use online teacher tools, you can find questions, build assignments and track learner progress. Find out more.

Using Practice for teaching

No marking. No searching for questions. Just skip straight to the real teaching. Get your class practising, and we’ll show you exactly where they need your help.

Sign up your school to use Siyavula Practice in your classroom as part of your lessons, or for homework.

Using Practice for learning

Work through questions at your own pace, at a level that’s right for you. Step-by-step instructions and instant feedback help you master the concepts you need to know. Your own personal dashboard helps you set goals and track your progress.

With Siyavula, you can succeed at Mathematics!

And what about your future?

Good results in Mathematics can open the doors to further study and exciting careers.

We’ve partnered with organisations who offer tertiary study opportunities, bursaries, internships, and even jobs.

All our textbooks — free and open

Siyavula’s quality, curriculum-aligned textbooks for Mathematics span Classes JSS 1 – JSS 3.

You can read them online, or download them — all totally for free. Plus, our books are open resources, so you can copy them, share them, or even modify and expand them.

  • Mathematics Grade 10
  • Physical Sciences Grade 12
  • Natural Sciences and Technology Grade 6

Technology-powered learning

Siyavula’s mission is to make excellent Maths and Science learning accessible and affordable for all.

Value Name
6,719,388 Textbook pages read in the last year
178,960,592 Questions completed
10,000,000 Textbooks on desks

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