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About Siyavula

Here’s why learners in Nigeria rely on Siyavula to help them meet their goals for Mathematics.

With unlimited questions, it’s never boring.
  • Our system creates multiple versions of a question, so you won’t be doing the same question again and again
  • Because questions are marked instantly and come with full solutions, you’ll know where you’ve gone wrong immediately
  • You can practise content from any grade, so you can do revision or work ahead
Work at your own pace to build a solid foundation.
  • You can practise in your own time, anywhere - all you need is an internet-enabled device
  • Questions only become harder as you master easier concepts
  • Our textbooks also include Siyavula questions, so you can practise as you’re learning
Set personal goals and track your progress.
  • Set your own goals and track your progress on your personal dashboard
  • Mastery stars show you what you’ve understood, and what you still need to revise
  • You can join our national leaderboards and win prizes for your hard work in our competitions
Parents & guardians can keep track of their child’s progress.
  • Parents can link to their child’s account
  • They can check what concepts have been mastered, and assess where their child may be struggling
  • Parents can see if homework and assignments have been done

Schools and teachers are using Siyavula too

Maths and Science teachers all over South Africa use Siyavula in the classroom to support their teaching.

  • Teachers can assign homework or assessments on our platform
  • Learners’ work is automatically and immediately marked
  • Powerful class and learner reports will highlight areas of concern
  • Revision can be targeted to where it’s needed
  • Teachers can see at a glance if learners have understood a concept
  • Or zoom out to see a whole school’s activity
Why Siyavula?

Since 2012, millions of South African learners have used Siyavula to help improve their results in Mathematics.

  • The platform covers Mathematics Classes JSS 1 – SSS 3
  • Questions are created by experienced teachers and content specialists
  • We’re aligned to the curriculum for Nigeria (NERDC)
  • Our system creates multiple versions of each question, enabling virtually unlimited practice
  • Immediate marking and fully-worked solutions help learners understand where they’ve gone wrong
  • Asking questions in diverse ways helps address common misconceptions and different reading levels
  • Most of our questions require learners to work out an answer, so we can ask trickier questions
  • Exam questions based on DBE past papers give learners exposure to the types of questions they’ll see in exams
  • Siyavula can be used on any device that has internet access
What do learners think of Siyavula?

Siyavula improves lives

My quality of life has improved because of Siyavula
My marks have improved a lot
My marks have improved a little
My marks have not improved at all

These schools rely on us to deliver mastery to their students

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Crest of Elkanah House
Crest of Hilton College
Crest of St Cyprian’s Diocesan School for Girls
Crest of Kingswood College
Crest of Reddam House
Crest of Bergvliet High School
Crest of St David’s Marist Inanda
Crest of St Mary’s Diocesan School for Girls, Kloof
Crest of Prestige College
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and hundreds more!